Intersection is blessed to have many ministries dedicated to serving God and the Ann Arbor community. 

Campus Ministry


Intersection is a campus ministry, providing a church home and welcoming community to students, faculty and staff of several colleges in the area, in addition to members of the community that regularly attend. Student fellowship and worship opportunities, including a newly formed bible study group are just a few of the ways students are involved at Intersection.



Starting in March 2015, Intersection opened its doors to the homeless members of our community as a warming center. Members of our congregation and social workers volunteer to provde a welcoming, safe environment and help underpriveledged members of our community get back on track.

Olive Tree Campus Church


Intersection also offers its facility to members of the Olive Tree Campus church to provide them a place to worship. 

Music Ministry


Our community is blessed by talented choristers, soloists, instrumentalists and composers who lead the community in praise of God.  You are invited to join this ministry! If you are interested in sharing your talents in this way, Director of Music Ministries Tim Krohn would love to hear from you!


Please check out past sermons, join us for worship and Communion  on Sundays at 5pm online, and let Pastor Elizabeth know if you'd like to join a small group or Bible study.





801 S.Forest Ave.

Ann Arbor, MI 48104