Reconciling in Christ (RIC)

Lord of Light and Intersection LCM are members of Reconciling in Christ. 


Begun in 1984, Reconciling in Christ is a program of ReconcilingWorks (formerly Lutherans Concerned/North America) that enables Lutheran congregations, colleges, seminaries, synods and other Lutheran organizations to publicly welcome all of God’s people into the full life of Christ’s Church. In 1984, St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, became the first RIC congregation, forging paths where none existed. Just three years later, December 13, 1987, Lord of Light became only the 5th congregation nationwide to affirm our welcome and be listed on the Lutherans Concerned RIC roster. This historic step, and one that carried a fair amount of risk at the time, was followed by Lord of Light’s continued work in opening hearts, minds and doors to welcome the stranger of the day. Lord of Light soon gained a position as a leader, both as a congregation, and through many individual members, working to reform the multi-million member ELCA.  The most visible success was the 2009 ELCA Churchwide Assembly which passed resolutions to allow congregations to call and ordain rostered LGBT pastors, and to allow congregations to bless same-sex unions. Intersection LCM itself became an RIC campus ministry in 2015.    


Today we continue the legacy of many who have gone before us as Lord of Light and Intersection LCM continue to proudly proclaim God’s welcome to all people.


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