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Pastor Elizabeth (she/her) has been the pastor at Lord of Light since 2017. She is committed to social justice and creating an environment rooted in enthusiastic and authentic hospitality. She's also a violinist and a violin teacher, speaks fluent Spanish, and she has lived in Costa Rica and the UK. Her spouse, Matt, is the director of the paleontology museum at U of M, and they've got two energetic, inquisitive kids, a tuxedo cat who high-fives, and a tabby who fetches hair ties. Pastor Elizabeth loves to cook and knit, and is learning to love running.

pastorelizabeth dot lcm at gmail dot com




Elizabeth is in her second year as a Master's student in the School of Public Health, with an emphasis on public health behavior and education. She majored in piano performance during her undergraduate studies at Albion and has often led worship at her home congregation. Elizabeth says that playing music and leading the congregation is something that makes her feel connected to God.



Building & Operations Manager

Jamie is the person who coordinates behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly at LoL/LCM, and she's the voice you're most likely to hear on the phone if you call.  If you have a question about renting our space, Jamie's the person to contact.

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Anna Scheck

Student Leader

Hi everyone! I'm Anna Scheck (she/her) and I'm a senior studying Earth and Environmental Sciences. I'm looking forward to being a student leader this year. Lord of Light is really my second home on campus.

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Student Leader

Hey! I'm Maddie (she/her) and I'm a junior studying User Experience Design in the School of Information. I am passionate about the intersection of technology and social justice. And I love Taylor Swift, Queer Eye, and animals! This community means so much to me and I am excited to help it continue to flourish this year.



Student Leader

Hi! My name is Hunter (he/him) and I'm a 5th-year senior studying Mechanical Engineering. I've been attending LoL and LCM for 3 years now and I'm excited to help our supportive community continue to grow together!

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